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We’ve been at it, promoting Moringa it since 2009…

Our life with Moringa is approaching 10 years! I personally discovered Moringa while traveling the beautiful Philippine islands. I realized how important Moringa was to the people of the Philippines when I asked “What are these little leaves in my soup?” and the response was “MALUNGGAY!!!” The only other time I heard Filipinos shout something so proudly was when we talked about Manny PACMAN Pacquiao. There was no doubt it was a national treasure (their congress, in fact, declared it the National Vegetable). I needed to know more and when I researched it, I was dumbfounded.

This was back in 2009 when Wheat Grass and Barley were all the craze. When I pulled up the Nutritional Studies on Moringa I saw that Moringa blew Wheat Grass out of the water. When you compared Moringa with anything, it was like watching Pacquiao annihilate another opponent. It wasn’t even close. I also discovered (thanks to google translate) that in December, 2008, just a few months earlier, a team of Scientist in Japan declared Moringa the most nutritious plant on Earth.

That’s when I started this blog.

It’s been amazing to watch as we’ve gone from one to two visitors a day to now thousands.

It’s like watching your child turn into a superstar.

But of course, there are people looking to take advantage of this popularity.

So we’ve stepped up to start selling Moringa directly.

read that story in timeline below…

Thanks you for stopping by.


I really do hope you give Moringa a try.

It has the potential to be life changing.

But nothing works unless you do.

So order a jar and see for yourself.

When you try Moringa you’ll realize you’ve been wasting money on other far more expensive supplements and that mother nature had it right all along.

We’re so sure of that, that If you’re not head over heels in love with Moringa, we’ll gladly refund you.

We’re looking to build a community of lifetime Moringa lovers!




The King of All Superfoods


In 2006 it was discovered that the tiny leaves of the Moringa tree are The Most Nutrient Dense Superfood on Earth. Miraculously, this “Natural Multi-Vitamin” thrives in the regions that suffer the most from malnutrition. With support from the World Health Organization, Moringa was quickly put to use by NGOs around the World. After hearing incredible success stories NGOs were having using Moringa to combat malnutrition, The National Institute of Health declared 2008 The Year of Moringa. We started this blog in 2009 and became the #1 (completely ad-free) resource site for Moringa enthusiasts — reaching millions of readers around the World and growing!


2016 – Moringa’s Breakout Year


After years of slowly building momentum, Moringa finally exploded onto the Western scene in 2016. Featured articles by TIME Magazine, Huffington Post, Fox News, Dr. Mercola, The New Yorker, Dr. Axe (and many more) all came to the same unanimous conclusion… Finally, here’s a Superfood that actually lives up to that name. It became the “it” food of 2016 and 2017 looks even more promising as exciting benefits of Moringa continue to be uncovered.


Junk Moringa Floods the Market

But not all moringa is created equal. Bad tasting, nutrient depleted “dead” Moringa from China, India, & Africa flooded the market and Multi-Level Marketing schemes began selling “proprietary” Moringa products with hardly any actual Moringa in them at all! Combine that with misleading statements by fly-by-night online sellers and Moringa’s hard-earned reputation that took decades to build was put on the line in one short year!


Hold my Smoothie, I got this.


We heard our reader’s calls and decided it was time for action. We won’t let greedy corporations exploit Moringa’s good name for profit while passing off junk Moringa to consumers. In our unique position as long time Moringa Advocates we felt an immense responsibility when we set out to source Moringa. But our mission was clear, we would produce the best Moringa, price it fairly and explain our process. Just as importantly, we’re fully committed to not only getting the best Moringa in your hands, but also helping you to incorporate Moringa in to your daily life. When you experience Moringa done right, we have no doubt it will be a mainstay in your home as it has been in ours for so many years.